Icon Morgan Supersport GTR

Icons engineers and designers have been working hand in hand with the Morgan Factory in Malvern over a two year period to produce this totally unique motorcar.

The car has been completely rebuilt , with a rare manual gearbox and new chassis, re-bodied with a nut and bolt complete over haul with many new exciting features that Icon have designed and been added to the Icon Morgan. There are a plethora of improvements, mainly focused on advanced engineering whilst keeping the tradition of a hand built Morgan Supersport.

The advanced engineering from detailed chassis development, to include a Morgan world premier of composite ceramic brakes all the way to a bespoke interior finish. Engine performance will be increased by 35 horse power, whilst Icon have removed over 60 kilos of weight, mainly in the rotational mass areas with improved engineering and lightness of materials.

We are planning a very limited run of these beautiful works of art, please contact Icon F1 Ltd to express an interest and to find out more.