Icon Bespoke Cars

The Icon RCZ R and Icon Mini, are research and development design work carried out by Icon.

The cars have been improved for handling, economy, power and aesthetics.  

We have taken new, basic cars and made them into something beautiful and better than the standard car.

Both are examples of the quality and concept that Icon can produce. We also used the Icon F1 car as a test bed

for aerodynamics on both cars, enabling Icon to produce a well designed and efficiently engineered finished product.

Icon R Peugeot RCZR

The Icon R , a limited edition car based on the exciting Peugeot RCZR . The original car is hand built in Paris in small batches. Icon F1 have done some beautiful enhancements both inside and outside. It’s now a truly luxurious super car that will out wow many cars with a price tag of quadruple the Icon R. The car is pictured outside Nottinghamshire Famous Langar Hall restaurant.

Icon Mini

The Icon Mini is well known for crossing class barriers and is renowned for being a sassy, classy yet fun car.

With the new model just being Launched in 2014, Icon F1 Ltd have produced some beautiful enhancements for your Mini to make your car stand out from the crowd.

These additions are available only from Icon F1 Ltd. Following rigorous research and development we have created our own moulds and techniques to upgrade the appearance, road holding and design of the already amazing Mini.

Our project car is now on display with our partner, Sytner of Nottingham. Sytner’s will supply you with a new or Mini approved second hand car to your choice and specification with the option of the Icon upgrades.

Listed below are examples of upgrades we have made to a project car we have already built and designed, however we can do more, just ask.


Mini Enhancements

To set your Mini apart from the standard choice range, we have produced the following which can be see on our current demonstrator at Sytners of Nottingham.


Leather /Alcantara trim and Upholstery upgrades to any colour or design you prefer. We will produce a layout with colour and leather swatches prior to the commencement of work.

Icon will manufacture to your taste,with help from one of our designers who will sit down and go through the various options with you


Our engineers have designed and made the templates and moulds for producing the following:

  • Real Carbon window surrounds

  • Carbon door handles

  • Carbon tail gate handles

  • Carbon fuel filler caps  

The use of carbon fibre is to produce a lightweight yet beautiful finish which is both sporty and durable.

The wheels have been designed for lightness and looks too. we have worked to produce a style that is so Mini, yet is clearly only available to Icon. The design clearly sets your Mini apart as being bespoke . 

With R&D coming straight from our Icon F1 Ltd engineers, we have made very subtle improvements to the ride height and firmness of the suspension. The Icon Mini feels now more responsive to driver input whilst maintaining a smooth ride that soaks up the bumps.