Exciting new project for Icon Bespoke – Icon AMG- C63 series

The Icon Rcz `R`, has  been out and about doing various shows for a few years now
and its been showcasing how Icon can with some careful research and development produce not only a more aesthetically better looking car but improve handling and the Holy grail – improved miles per gallon of fuel.

The standard Chassis, already a very good one to be fair from Peugeot R and D division , which is based in Paris however it needed some further work and with Icon and track time input from our test bed Formula 1 car, meant chassis improvements with ride height and body roll.The adhesion improvements with a lower centre of gravity mean that the car wasn’t having to work as hard, this means a simply reduction in the drivers throttle usage, a more neutral 
steering and this of course means better MPG. This project car is now three years old and we have showcased it gains in handling, performance and MPG, now its time to move on and after a lot of fact finding , we have chosen the next project….

..The Icon AMG- C63 series (Motorsport Division Spec). We have chosen another Production Car that is also subject to a further stage of being hand built  at AMG premises in Affalterbach Germany. This car we have identified already has a really good base design, however we are confident we can not only improve the aesthetics and passenger comfort but more importantly work with the weight distribution, airflow and the chassis development.

The car has been purchased and arrives in the 1st week of Feb 2017, where, after some running and undertaking a more detail analysis of what AMG have done, we aim to make gains through our independent Icon R and D  in all the same areas as the Peugeot RCZ `R` and The Icon Mini.

Its exciting news as car designs have moved on and this is the first Rear Wheel drive car we have taken on. 

We already have working with Icon, an ex senior engineer who work on KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) from the current F1 World Champion Mercedes AMG F1, he is currently working on our wiring systems on our test Bed 1990 F1 Car and these improvements will be documented during 2017. We are already rebuilding the F1 Lamborghini Engine which includes new technology ,whilst not giving away all our R and D improvements, we are improving the Valve springs for example which are being treated with a new product to improve rebound and tensile strength…The eta for the Engine runs on the Dyno F1 are February to June 2017.