Icon Sheene & Kiehl’s Brand Collaboration

Icon Sheene & Kiehl’s Brand Collaboration

This weekend the Icon Sheene superbike was situated outside the Kiehl’s store Nottingham to celebrate their ‘Legendary Summer Shopping Event.’

Kiehl’s luxury skincare brand was founded in 1851 as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village. Kiehl’s traditionally dispensed advice and prescriptions to clients, and today its staff continues to “prescribe” personalized skin and hair care regimens for each individual customer. Click here to learn more about Kiehl’s history and brand heritage.

The Icon Sheene is the world’s first ultrabike – so what was it doing outside Kiehl’s Nottingham? Think luxurious and adventurous and you’ll soon see the link.

A Harley Davidson Motorcycle can be spotted at Kiehl’s stores worldwide. The story goes that Mr. Aaron Morse noticed that in the early years, when couples would come into Kiehl’s, the gentlemen did not seem particularly interested in cosmetic products. Mr. Morse therefore decided to bring his personal collection of cars, airplanes and vintage motorcycles he acquired from his early riding days into the store to “entertain” the men while the women shopped.  Today, the motorcycles remain in display and is an expression of Kiehl’s brand personality that is exploring and adventurous (Source:Kiehl’s Heritage).

Kiehl’s USA President Chris Salgardo even keeps a motorcycle in his office! Learn more about him here.

The Icon Sheene also has a strong heritage. It is a work of passion inspired by one of motorcycling’s most charismatic figures, Barry Sheene. The Sheene ultrabike is a collaboration with the Sheene family, engineers, mechanics and friends of Barry throughout his life and racing career. This amazing bike has been designed for easy handling and has been tested by the best. You can ride it on the road for touring or for the ultimate thrill, you can take it onto the race track.

Production of the Icon Sheene is limited to 52 worldwide. Each bike hand-built and tailored to your build and specification. Order yours now and become part of the exclusive Sheene 52 club.

A big thank you to Rachel, Saffia and the Nottingham Kiehl’s team for showcasing the Icon Sheene and making the Icon team feel so welcome.





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Le Mans 2015

Le Mans 2015

The Icon Motorhome recently ventured from the Midlands to Le Mans for the world famous twenty four hour race.

The race is coined as ‘a sporting and technical challenge – marrying performance and durability over 24 hours of racing.’ (Le Mans 24, History).

The Icon Motorhome was hired to provide Nick Leventis of Strakka racing with a place to adequately prepare and focus his mind during the challenging event. 

Whilst the result for the Strakka team was not as they had hoped, (click here to read their blog post), the Icon luxury motorhome did not fail to dissapoint:

‘Motorhome was superb and Nick loved it ! Huge thank you to the Icon team, Arran and Paul, did a great job.’ (Kate, Strakka Racing Team Coordinator).